83 GL1100 carb leak after re-install

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83 GL1100 carb leak after re-install


Post by Big_Blumpkin »

Hey gang, After fixing the rear case and reinstalling the engine on my 83 GL1100, I found another issue. Everything went together fine, but the carburetor is leaking gas pretty heavily from the right side (right when sitting on the bike) when the bike runs. It runs really smoothly but the gas leak is too bad to take it for a spin. I removed the carbs using this method https://www.ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic ... 933#p93933
which removes the right side vacuum chamber covers.

The leak seems to be coming from the fuel intake line, where it seems like O-rings could be going bad. However, it's a little funny that it's only on the right side, where I removed the covers (with needles below).

When I shut the fuel off at the tank and let it run, the leak stops and the bike still runs smoothly for a few minutes. I'm wondering if this is normal for stuck needle valves (I've heard they can make carbs leak) or if it's more likely to have sprung a leak elsewhere.

Has anyone run across this before? Any thoughts on a fix or things I can try to troubleshoot. I'm pretty new to carburetor issues.
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Re: 83 GL1100 carb leak after re-install


Post by MattMcCoy »

Did you rebuild the carbs and replace all the rubber parts? I believe that inlet has two o-rings.
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Re: 83 GL1100 carb leak after re-install


Post by Track T 2411 »

Typically a stuck float will cause fuel to overflow into the carb and back into the plenum. These carbs don't have an overflow vent like some m/c carbs do. I've found exterior fuel leaks to be the o-rings on the inlet nipple, those on the ends of the 'pipes' between the carbs, or the o-ring between the carb body and plenum. After my first leaky rebuild, I learned how to test them for leaks before installing...
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