Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)

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Lucien Harpress
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Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by Lucien Harpress »

When it comes to motorcycles, those from the 40s and 50s are my jam.

Well, let me rephrase that- I love the way bikes from that era LOOK. As for the actual operation (foot clutch? Spark advance?), I'm pretty in the dark. In any case, I've taken a particular shine to old Sunbeam motorcycles lately, and got to wondering about something. Specifically this.


Unless my eyes deceive me, that is an ammeter on the side of the battery box. Looks cool as all heck, but... why? How? And specifically, why? As all ammeters are wont to do, I can surmise it's to check the status of the electrical system, but how much good can it do there, impossible to monitor while riding? Is it just to check if the battery is charging right after startup? Or maybe just a really poor design feature? Inquiring minds want to know.

(Me. I'm the inquiring mind.)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by digger »

It does look cool. My 2cents, didn’t want to run heavy wiring to the front, I see they didn’t put the ignition switch very far from the battery either, and you are probably right about just checking to make sure it is charging after initial starting.
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Re: Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by CYBORG »

I like gauges that you can see when your riding. Makes no sense, to me, that it's there.
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Re: Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by Whiskerfish »

Being located next to the switch I can not help but wonder if It required a different switch position than the normal run to have the gauge work? Just pondering out loud.
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Re: Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by 5speed »

they certainly spread the gauges around..
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Re: Gauges on Sidecover? (OLD Motorcycle Question)


Post by sunnbobb »

Simplicity in these old machines...

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