GL1100 engine siezure

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Re: GL1100 engine siezure

Post #16 by ancientdad » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:13 am

JamesPal wrote:
ancientdad wrote:
ericheath wrote:Well the ultimate bamboozle here a few years ago was a guy who bought a running bike. It was running rough, checked compression and zero on a cylinder. Pulled the head and the motor had been disassembled, a piston removed, reassembled with no piston or rod, and sold as a runner.

You never no.

Wow - that took some serious cojones. My Dad told me of a car engine (straight 8) that he worked on back in the day that had been done like that, but a bike... man. :x

Tom, good to see you. Back in the day my dad had to pull a piston out of his Model T. He said it ran a little rough but he drove it around for a few months. At 20 HP on a good day, I'm not sure how much was left on 3 cylinders.

I cannot imagine anyone going to the trouble of taking a piton and rod out of a Goldwing engine and putting it back together.

Jim, I think at 20 hp, the less it had the less there was to lose... yeah, me getting here was a twist of fate that came from the VJMC get-together last Sunday and me seeing Wog's bike there. He joined at HT too, but as of a little while ago he hadn't posted yet. Good to see you too, Jim - but I should have guessed you'd be here. :)
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Re: GL1100 engine siezure

Post #17 by ericheath » Sun Dec 23, 2018 1:26 am

A few years ago it was asked here if the gl1000 could run decently on two cylinders rather than four to qualify for an endurance race for 500cc bikes. I don’t recall if there was a consensus or if it was followed through on.
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