New again here.

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us about your bike or just say hello. Members, say Hello and Welcome to our new members.

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New again here.


Post by newday777 »

Well I've been away from here a few years and couldn't find my screen name or password to match up so I've re registered.(probably all on my old desktop in storage last 7 yrs, I just use my phone now).
Anyhow I'm bringing back to life my 83 Aspencade again and also considering a 75 1000 restoration.
I was a parts manager in 1975 and 76 and remember well the first gl1000 opened from the crate at the shop in southern NH in 1975. I was riding my 75 CB750 K5 at the time. I didn't get my 1st wing until 2009 when I got back to riding from raising my family and was single again, my 83.
I'm on my 4th wing now, still have my 83 and an 08, my daily rider which I've put on @105,000 miles in the past 6 years, as well as a couple of CB750s to ride and work on.
I had a couple of 99 1500s before my 08. A 99SE that a friend left to me that I only put 50,000 miles on of a planned 500,000 before a girl in a cage pulled out in front on me, totaled it and did me in for a while but while healing i bought a neglected 99 Aspencade and brought it out of it's death sleep bringing it back to life and we both healed up and back to riding. I had already made the deal on the 08 so I had both for a year but continued to do upgrades to the 99A before putting it on the market.
I was a longtime member on goldwingfacts forum but got burned out when it got sold off to mc.commies.
I'm still a member at
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Re: New again here.


Post by newday777 »

My 83 just after it's first resurrection in late 2009.
And my 75 CB750 K5.
And my 08 last late October riding from NH to San Diego where I winter. I plan to be on the road again in May or June, back to NH.
Always take the long way around. I love rideabouts.
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Re: New again here.


Post by robin1731 »

Welcome aboard from Indiana. That 750 looks nice.

1975 GL1000 parts bike (parts for sale)
1976 Goldwing Super Sport
1985 Honda Elite
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1992 ZX7 Dragbike (KZ900 style motor w/NOS)
and a rotation of various purchases
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Re: New again here.


Post by Sugs »

Welcome back to the site! That 750 is gorgeous.

'90 Honda CB-1
'79 Honda GL1000 Goldwing
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Re: New again here.


Post by 5speed »

Sugs wrote:Welcome back to the site! That 750 is gorgeous.
what Sugs said.
1982 1100 standard.
1976 GoldWing. running but not on the road
1978 Goldwing. future cafe project.
1986 Yamaha FJ1200
2019 Can-Am ryker (boss's new ride)
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Re: New again here.


Post by Rat »

Welcome back

"I'd rather Ride than Shine"
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‘76 project .... R2B3 .... sold ...
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My Original 'RAT' was an '82 CB900/1100F
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Re: New again here.


Post by chewy999 »

Welcome back, and yes, that 750 is beautiful.

anim-cheers1 anim-cheers1 anim-cheers1
Previous Rides,
1980 CB250N Good to learn on
1981 CX500 good mid range tourer, went to Austria on it!
1983 GL1100C Pride and joy, sold when I bought my 1st house, big mistake
1985 GL650 Silverwing another mistake, horrible bike
1986 CBX550 Good commuter
1989 Suzuki GS750 (1976) cheap and cheerful until a dog ran out in front of me on Xmas Eve, 1991
Current bikes
2010 CB1300 back on a bike after 19 years, two divorces, children grown up etc
1980 GL1100 NOW ON THE ROAD, still use CB1300.
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Re: New again here.


Post by Track T 2411 »

Welcome from Wisconsin. Nice stable of bikes!
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Re: New again here.


Post by sunnbobb »

Good to see you back! Those invader rims are sick.
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1985 Aspencade..pondering.
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Re: New again here.


Post by rcmatt007 »

I think we all agree.... that 750 is SWEET welcome back
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'17 HD Road king and 08 HD Heritage softail (Beth's). I guess you can say we have MBS
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Re: New again here.


Post by newday777 »

A long time awaiting Thanks for the comments guys. Life has had it's busy times the past couple years and I haven't been on here much......
The 750 is one of my favorite bikes to get out on local rides and events on. Like here, a real attention getter and fun to ride.
I got stuck in San Diego through 2020 instead of my normal ride back to NH. Rather than work on my 83 I was asked by a friend to work on his 74 CB750 that his father in law gave to him. It sat in a rat infested shed in Orange County for 33 years. Took it down to the frame and repainted the frame, fixed the few rat chewed wires....argh! Cleaned up the motor but he ran out of money for parts to refresh the top end and cam chain rollers so I puttered on with a few things on it over the summer as I didn't have work either. I had to give up my room there in Oceanside and went over outside Vegas to help my ex out and her brother on some projects for the winter while waiting for my second granddaughter to be born in late February then back to Oceanside in early April to do a couple of jobs(carpentry) before heading back to NH in late May.
I got back here thinking my battery on the 750 would be toast as I left it on a good Schumacher smart tender. Well it was still at 95% so I rinsed out the MMO out of the gas tank(I empty the gas tank and carbs before I leave each fall and give it a good coat of MMO to protect it from rusting. Spun the motor over w/kill off to build the oil pressure up until the light goes off, turned on the fresh gas for a few minutes. It took a little coaxing to for and ran on 2 cylinders. Shut it off and drained each carb. I found MMO heavily in the 2 carbs that didn't fire. Once all four carbs were drained to fresh gas coming out and buttoned back up it fired up on all four smartly. I was half expecting to have to clean the carbs but nope, it pays to drain off the gas properly each fall. It's great to get out on it again after it's year and a half sleep.......
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