Welcome to the Naked GoldWings Forums!!

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us about your bike or just say hello. Members, say Hello and Welcome to our new members.

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Welcome to the Naked GoldWings Forums!!

Post #1 by Whiskerfish » Sun Jul 17, 2011 9:00 pm

Welcome to the Naked GoldWing Club website!!!

Come in and look around and feel free to participate. All 4 cylinder Wings are welcome not just “Naked” ones.

This board is here to help. We help each other with knowledge and with parts and with camaraderie.

We ask that all new members post an introduction. We don't need your life history but if you want to post it I can guarantee it will get read!!

Rules here are very simple. No nudity, no rude behavior, no cussing and respect each other cover about 90% of it. A more detailed post is below with more specific guidelines. Any Vendors are asked to go to the Announcements forum and look over the rules for Vendors before posting.

Come in sit down, kick your feet up, and relax a spell :-D

OH and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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Psst. oh and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!

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