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Fresh Blood

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us about your bike or just say hello. Members, say Hello and Welcome to our new members.

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Fresh Blood


Post by flowernp1 »

Hi Everyone.

My name Is Nick, I'm 37, I'm a Libra and from Worcester in the UK.
I'm a Graphic Designer, new dad and I'm knee deep into restoring my first house with my other half.

Ive been a biker since my mid 20s but had mostly sport bikes, did a little bit of motocross and have a supermoto thats in bits.
I'm a mechanical novice with no training.

I have been looking at getting an old bike to tinker with and to help me develop new skills needed to create my own vision. I was originally looking at old bmw's but they are too popular now. Then came across the naked gold wings and fell for them. Ive never ridden one or any kind of cruiser so i'm excited at the prospect of giving it a go.

Tomorrow i'm picking up 2 GL1000's that i got on a well known auction site. One is nearly complete, the other has been stripped to some extent. They come with boxes of parts so hopefully there will be enough between the two to make one sweet ride.

I plan to post my story on this site which i have fond the most helpful in quenching my thirst for knowledge so far. I don't earn big bucks and have a small family so this is going to be budget build using my limited knowledge and skills. i no doubt will run out of knowledge and skills pretty quickly and be asking a few questions on here. I promise to do my research and not to ask common questions!

Anyway i look forward to the experience and i hope my journey can help others in the future.


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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by Oldewing »

Welcome to our little 'Wingdom" Nick. Sounds like your off to a great start. Shoptalk has lot's of info for you too.

Yell if you can't find something

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by CYBORG »

Welcome,...and thanks for the good intro. We are here when you have questions
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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by Rat »

Great .... it's all here .... lots of ideas in the Gallery too.

Watch the bottom of the pages for related threads.

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by Sugs »

Welcome to the site!

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by 77Gowing »

Great introduction. What years are you GLs?
Lots of help here on this site. I too started with no experience and I now have a sweet ride aswell.

All the best.
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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by rcmatt007 »

welcome aboard
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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by 5speed »

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by flowernp1 »

Thanks for the warm welcome chaps. I’m not 100% on the year of the bikes yet as they were advertised as a 75 and a 72 and as far as I’m aware the first models came out in 74/75. I’ll have a closer inspection in the morning to find out the true year of manufacture. Cheers all

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by Track T 2411 »

Welcome from Wisconsin, USA...
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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by Oldboy »


Just Wing-it
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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by flowernp1 »

Hi gents, picked the bikes up this morning and they are a 1975 & 1977. Looking forward to getting this project started!

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by robin1731 »

flowernp1 wrote:Hi gents, picked the bikes up this morning and they are a 1975 & 1977. Looking forward to getting this project started!

Welcome aboard. When you get ready start a thread in the project section.

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Re: Fresh Blood


Post by chewy999 »

Hi Nick, great to have another Brit on board. You will soon find that this is the best place to ask for help or advice. The best place to start is David Silver. If you send them your engine and frame numbers, they will say what year and model you have.
Then just ask away and someone will help faster than a speeding slug!
Seriously, when I started here, I was a bit unsure, but like to think I've made many 'friends' here, just wish it was possible to actually meet some of them, but the majority are from the USA, but a great bunch of guys.

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