Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay

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Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by Dr. Frankenstein »

I just thought I'd post this in the interest of anybody wanting to save some cash (or at least $70) on a carb rebuild kit - for the GL1000, at least - this is the carb kit I bought off the 'Bay for $57 for my '75 GL1000...I had to buy the plenum gasket from Randakk, and IIRC the little o-rings for the fuel passages that go between the carb body and the different carbs (#1,2,3 and 4) that brings a carb rebuild up to, what...? 70-80 something...? But so far this has worked flawlessly for me. I did use the original needle jet ( I have a 755A carb) and transferred the little screens on the end of the pilot jet, but everything else I either used or swapped out, and I used pretty much everything in the kit. ... SwWN5cRsJi

Everything fits, the finish is great, you DO get what you see and I have had no problems; I just started the bike and it runs great - I'm synching carbs tomorrow - but I thought you might want to know about this deal. I have bought from Damineding before, and Yes, it's in Taiwan so you might have to wait a bit for it, but I did a LOT of research on these parts - I can't afford to make a mistake -and Yes, Randakk is the Go-To, but he's awfully proud of his carb kit (w/plenum) for $149. I personally don't think the carb knows or cares about where it's parts come from.

I know, you hear a lot of stuff about the carb gasket swelling, etc. but I have not had any problems - as a matter of fact, it's very similar if not just like the 'original', or whatever it is you pull out of the carb bowls...mine were original, so...

The 'Bay ad also lists the jets that come with it, too, so you might want to check those for your particular application. Plus it comes with two needles! (I used my originals, though, again after a LOT of research…).

So I guess my disclaimer is this - is this is my experience, and of course yours may vary. But I haven't had a problem so far, and I've bought stuff off this guy before for my Honda Dreams - use it or don't, I'm just passing it along.
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by gltriker »

synchronizer parts, too! :shock:
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by Rat »

Now if we could just get them to sponsor our website ....

Gord :roll:
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by pidjones »

Z-1 Enterprises owns the Randakks parts company, not Randakk. Thanks for providing a more economical solution!
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by sgwilly »

I believe Gord was alluding to the fact that Z-1 is paying to keeps the lights on around here (and the Randakk's Cycle Shakk link). They do have a proven product and that is worth the price for many, but also supporting our sponsors keeps the site running on decent software and platform (along with 100's of hours of volunteer admin work). And that's a big deal. I'm a member of another forum where it's apparently random if you get email notices - and nobody seems to care.
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by robin1731 »

pidjones wrote: Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:28 am Z-1 Enterprises owns the Randakks parts company, not Randakk. Thanks for providing a more economical solution!
Actually Dime City owns Randakks, Z1 Ent., and Mikesxs.
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by Whiskerfish »

Yes it is very nice that I am not constantly having to beg for money from the membership. The last time I paid for the server we paid for 2 years up front and it was right at 1400 USD. Our Sponsors pay that and a bit extra for runs and such. Makes my life much easier not to have to worry about it.
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Re: Carb Kit From Damineding on the 'Bay


Post by Brant »

A guys got to do what a guys got to do, but man I hate to buy stuff from Taiwan.
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