1983 GL1100 Standard Bill of sale date 7/5/18

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Re: 1983 GL1100 Standard Bill of sale date 7/5/18


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NotSoLilCrippseys wrote: Tue Aug 17, 2021 1:41 pm This project is really nice looking. Paint looks great! Interesting engine guards that maybe buy you a little more room for the feet, especially with your floorboards. Do I spy a possible left fork seal leak starting, or perhaps just dirt/dust getting pushed up?
The crash bars were laying around from the 79 or the 78, the 1200 set did not fit well.

Hopefully the fork seals aren't leaking again. I may have nicked one when replacing them. Or maybe the tube is over filled.

The carb rack comes off again. I have a hanging idle, where it is slow to return from 2k to idle. I found some slight leaks at the carb boots, but tightening the seal clamps and eliminating them did not solve the hanging issue. I am suspecting dirt in the idle air control circuits that is allowing a lean run condition at low throttle. Next time I do a set of carbs, I am getting some of those vacuum caps to cover all inlets and outlets.

I do have a set of 78 carbs that are in good shape, but I wonder about putting older carbs of a newer bike, I have found info about replacing GL1000 carbs with GL1100s, but not the other way around. But hey, they're just sitting there all cleaned. Hmm. Anybody got any ideas?

The workspace is cleaned up and the lift is out of the way , so time to roll her in and get to work.
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Re: 1983 GL1100 Standard Bill of sale date 7/5/18


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I'm running '79 carbs on an '82 engine in my '83 if that helps.
But it also has '77 cams....
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