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Re: NGW Project in Maine - 1983 Interstate

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2021 8:37 pm
by NotSoLilCrippseys
Thanks for the bigger picture, Track T 2411. It's good to know these bikes need more rpm.

Never heard that knocking before - or since, thankfully. It scared the crap out of me, as the bike is a joint venture and not wholly mine to screw up.

With the Blue Phoenix, I get that chain rattle/hum on launch if I don't get the revs up. And I get it even with revs up if starting on a steeper incline, as I must at several stops on my regular commute. I don't push up to 2k while I release the clutch, as it feels wrong. I'll give it a try.

I did recently check the carb sync again, and they're as close to spot on as I can get them. The Cabernet, in contrast, has none of that funny business. I can get a hint/whisper of that chain hum if I give no throttle coming out of the clutch friction zone, say when I'm easing out of a parking spot and need to peek around a van before going. All around, that bike runs better right now.

I'll pull the carbs from the Blue Phoenix this winter and give them a working over. We did the in situ cleaning type thing last winter and the bike starts, runs on all 4, has good throttle response, etc. But now that I feel what a Wing can be like without the glitchy launch, I know the Phoenix is lacking.

Re: NGW Project in Maine - 1983 Interstate

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2021 11:27 pm
by robjordan406
I have heard that chain slack noise on mine...wasnt sure what it was until now...My carbs are out of sync too..waiting on my vacuum gauges.....My does it as its revving upward....

Rob in Winnsboro Texas

Re: NGW Project in Maine - 1983 Interstate

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 8:50 pm
by NotSoLilCrippseys
Rob: Not sure what you mean by revving upward, but I think you're saying as you give it gas coming through the friction zone - and maybe up to about 2000 rpm - you're getting that rattle/shake/buzz just as the bike rolls out.

Sync will help. I know because the Blue Phoenix is better than it was back before we synced the carbs. (You can read a good bit about that noise and GoldWing carbs out of tune.) I still get the rattle if the rpms drop on launch, even after a re-sync following my valve clearance adjustment after 5k.

Following Track T's advice, today I was quite intentional about getting the revs up around 1500-1800 coming through the friction zone. I mostly avoided the buzz/rattle noise, which I take to mean I'm now learning to ride that particular bike a bit better.

Re: NGW Project in Maine - 1983 Interstate

Posted: Sat Nov 13, 2021 4:39 pm
by NotSoLilCrippseys
I sorta knew the carbs would eventually need to come off. Looks like eventually has arrived after something over 5k.

My wife and I were set to take a late PM ride by the beach, just as we did last weekend, and the Blue Phoenix is set for two-up. (The Cabernet has a solo seat.)

I fired up the Phoenix. Immediately, fuel starts leaking out of #4. First, I think maybe drain screw and o-ring. Nope. It looks like it's a leaky bowl gasket, but I'm not entirely sure. It seems to be dripping down from the "front" of the bowl. I tried rapping on the bowl to see if I might shake loose the cutoff and stop the leak. No dice. And I don't seem to be getting gas backing up into the plenum. Not sure the cutoff is the issue, but the Phoenix is grounded until she stops dripping gas onto the head and exhaust - unless I want to burn her to a crisp.

So I swapped the king/queen seat I had on the Phoenix for my wife over onto the Cabernet, and we went for a ride. Frustrating, but no biggie. It's good to have a spare Wing.