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NGW Policy concerning Non-Sponsor Vendors

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:05 pm
by Whiskerfish
Several Vendors that have products needed for the passion we all share support NGW Financially . Their product line or focus is 4 cylinder GL related. Outside Vendors are encouraged to join NGW for the sharing of information related to the GL Line but are restricted from continuous advertisement. It would not be fair to the paying Vendors to allow free advertising.
Specific guidelines:

Upon first joining NGW (or for an existing member starting up a business) a Vendor is generally granted one (1) self- promoting “here I am, here is my product line, here is my web site” type of post. After that thread has died down the Vendor may answer specific questions regarding his or her product line and “if asked” provide a link to their web site or other pertinent information.

The posting of a URL or product pictures, banners etc etc etc etc. in their signature line or anywhere else on NGW is prohibited.

Any blatant attempt to use NGW for the sole purpose of free advertising will result in immediate deactivation of their account.

Certain long time members that provide services directly related to the passion of this organization that do not compete with the established Sponsors will be permitted some leeway in these rules subject to the interpretation of the Webmaster.