My “other” hobby...first “plane”

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Re: My “other” hobby...first “plane”

Post #16 by wingrider » Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:22 pm

desertrefugee wrote:
5speed wrote:something to add to my "mid life crisis" list. :mrgreen:

I think I'll "complete" my crisis on the ground. That thing looks a mite more dangerous that a motorsickle. :roll:

At least when (or if) my horizontally opposed mill decides to quit, I simply roll to a stop with very little drama. I'm guessing that even with the "wing/chute" on that contraption, the rig and payload/pilot are heavy enough to make an unplanned descent fairly exciting...

Not to say a crash landing will be looked forward to, but they are pretty predictable in decent. There are videos of seasoned pilots that cut the engine and coast in for a landing using nothing but the Wing.

Plus, that’s what they make bubble wrap for! :lol:
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