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Businesses/Wanna Be Businesses Advertising here MUST READ


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I have seen a couple of situations develop here recently that are not acceptable. If you join NGW for the purpose of making money then when I see it you will be banned for life. We have a sponsorship program and those are the only people that allowed to advertise here. Active Members that have developed small business based on a particular skill that benefits them and other NGW Members are allowed within reason on a case-by-case basis.

The For Sale section is for members that have spares or have stumbled onto a good deal and wish to pass that along. It is NOT for someone that went out and bought 6 bikes with the express intent of parting them out for a profit. This is a direct conflict with our paying Sponsors and will not be tolerated

If you wish to inquire about a Sponsorship plan then Contact me. Sponsorship Contracts are only negotiated once a year. So if you hit me up the month afterward then be prepared to wait 11 months before I will make a change.
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Psst. oh and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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