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ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies

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ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Whiskerfish »

I am tired of folks joining just to try and sell stuff. The For Sale section is here as a tool for The Members not Sales folk.

I have placed a restriction on Newbies that you can read but not post in the For Sale section until you become a regular member. To become a regular member you must have 5 posts in other Forums and then you will automatically be promoted.

If you see something here for sale you are interested in then use the PM button at the bottom of the sellers post to contact them via Private Message.

If I see post #1 and post # 2 and post # 3 etc etc just to get to your 5 posts you will be banned. If you are not posting in the spirit of being a member then the For Sale section is not for you.

Have a nice day :-D :-D :-D :-D
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Psst. oh and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Missourimike »

You got my CONCUR on that decision. I've noticed also that a number of "new"members are there just to sell their Wing. The classifieds are a benefit to members and there as another tool to help each other keep our Wings on the road.
But then on second thought...wouldn't it chafe your butt to know that what you may have been looking for was there nearby and it sold thru another mediam, just because some fellow didn't feel the need to join with the restrictions placed on "newbies"? He was giving NGW members "first shot at it". He couldn't wait out the probationary time it would take to post and really had nothing else but his good deal to contribute to NGWclub.
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by paultjack »

Ditto. There's a reason why you have to become a member to post anything anyway. If you're becoming a member just to sell something then you're really not a member.
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by kram »

Thanks for the welcome.
I did not become a member to sell anything, but saw the wanted ads and responded to them.
I enjoy reading your articles and solutions and if you haven't already done so, I will try and delete my responses to your member requests.
Have a nice day.
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by po-focht »

LMAO such asses coming here just for an overpriced sale just because we love our wings............
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Boufie »

Whiskerfish - I TOTALLY agree with what you are saying. However, I would make it more like 10 posts before granting access to the FOR SALE forum. While it is nice to see another Wing saved from the scrap pile, it is really (i.e. REALLY) obnoxious to see someone show up here on NGW just to "dump" their bike...

I consider being part of NGW to be an honor, not a right. When everyone participates, it makes for a richer experience for all of us. People who abuse this privilege should not be allowed to "play" here. It ruins the camaraderie that we all enjoy.

Thanks you VERY MUCH for your continuing work here at NGW!...
John B.

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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by matalex60 »

HERE HERE! anim-cheers1

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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Gregor »

Whew, fortunately for me I have not tried to sell anything. I am in need of a grab rail for my 78 if anyone could help with that I would be most appreciative. I am a new member and I have learned alot in the tech tips sections. I really dig your efforts to keeping oldwings on the road.
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Fred Camper
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Fred Camper »

Greetings Gregor, have you considered going custom and creating your own version of a grab rail. Now period correct is fine, but grab rails get trashed too often and are now pretty hard to find. So I do like the idea about coming up with something functional and unique.
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by A.Wiser »

Glad to see this happening I had noticed the same thing and as I do like to read the ads for things I might want or need for mine
I dont want to think that someone is just useing this club for there benifit and then thats the last you hear from them, so good job and thanks for monitoring the site the way you do. I enjoy this club I hope for the right reasons and hope all do the same.
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bubba 1
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by bubba 1 »

The way it should be. If offended, the person may leave.
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Old stuff is nice!!
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by happyjap »

Here here!
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Marc »

I really enjoy this group and have received much and helped a little (within my experience). I am not really offended by a fellow biker coming on to give one of "us" a deal on a Goldwing or Goldwing parts. Perhaps a special section for newbie adds?? Perhaps I am not understanding the problem.
Shalom, Marc

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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by Placerville »

Whisker, I agree.

This issue is much the same as on other sites, e.g., Ford Model A & T, Firearms, antique sites etc. They/we all have the same issues with folks who want to sneak in. The GOOD thing is that the NGW is creating enough interest that people see the benefit in posting items for sale. Maybe it would be worth considering the following:

Create a separate 'non-member' section on the NGW that allows the posting of vintage GL's for sale for a fee. Say, $25 for a 30-day posting. At the end of 30 days, the posting is automatically deleted and the seller must re-post for another $25. Sellers would be required to sign a disclaimer agreeing that the NGW is not involved in the sale, etc. Cheaper than eBay and no sales fees. This has probably been discussed before, if so, my apologies. But, I do smell an opportunity.
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Re: ATTN Rusty Probie/ Newbies


Post by BearWing »

For what it's worth (for I'm still a new enough member that I've barely wiped off my mother's lipstick from her goodbye kiss before I joined you in the real world of NGW), I agree with Placerville.
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