DC1-1 Coils Upgrade instructions and Tips

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Re: DC1-1 Coils Upgrade instructions and Tips


Post by gltriker »

Where did you find those new, primary wire bullet connector terminals?

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Re: DC1-1 Coils Upgrade instructions and Tips


Post by cfairweather »

Cliff- I use a lot of those original type connectors when I restore wiring harnesses. You can order them from several places but I got this last batch from eBay. The wire is rated for this type of application.
Here are the links:

Wire: https://www.ebay.com/itm/113148282074?var=413453603076

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Re: DC1-1 Coils Upgrade instructions and Tips


Post by Sidecar Bob »

I think those are the same bullet connectors I have.
I don't need ring lugs very often so when I do I just use ones I get at an auto parts store.
I buy plain colour wire from Princess Auto (similar to Harbor Freight) for about half of that eBay listing's price (yes, I know prices are much higher than they were a few years ago).

I also keep the 2.8mm connector terminals and the connector blocks they go in (also bought on eBay) and the 0.25" terminals for the larger connectors (bought from Eastern Beaver a long time ago - I don't use very many of those).

As for the screws, the A2-70 bolts (commonly available metric stainless fasteners) and the F593C bolts (commonly available SAE stainless fasteners) all fall under the 18-8 category and therefore should be treated as equivalent to SAE Grade 2 (not suitable for any application with significant loads).
One has to wonder what grade of stainless the Chinese can sell so cheaply (usually less than they charge for zinc plated mild steel) and how soft it actually is......
Between those factors I will not replace any fasteners on my bikes with stainless unless I can increase by at least one size (e.g. I replaced the M6 bolts that attach the winter bike's fairing with 5/16 ones from a known supplier).

And having seen the effect of galvanic corrosion between stainless fasteners and aluminum parts I won't use them near anything aluminum again.
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