Alternative Fan Thermo Switch

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Post by technojock »

I'll see what I can do and get back to you. My Wing needs a new fan switch so I'm in the market as well.

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Re: Alternative Fan Thermo Switch


Post by txgoofy »

Not to upset anyone, and I realize the switch info is a couple of years old, but Sabercycles carries an oem replacement switch for about $50. However I did have a problem getting the harness to connect to the new switch, so I rigged the connection using 2 three inch pieces of wire, two male, and two female bullet connectors, along with some shrink wrap, electrical tape, and rtv to seal everything off. The rigs been in place for about two months now and everything is working great. The bike runs cooler now, probably because the old switch was pretty worn out. Since I was already there, I also replaced the thermostat with one from a 78 Civic ($8.00) bike runs much better now. anim-cheers1
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Re: Alternative Fan Thermo Switch


Post by littlebeaver »

Hi, I'm new here and I wanted a direct plugin for my aftermarket switch so I just put the two male post in the plastic case [wedged] and filled it with JB Weld.. Works great, I cut a small piece of 3/4" pvc pipe [the depth of the rubber plugin cover] to fit around the plug so the original rubber is nice and tight around the plug when it's plugged in...Remove the blue plastic on the post of course...I almost forgot, I added some wire to the male post to make it longer. I flattened the solid copper wire to fit down the side so its good and have to custom fit it...then fill know bend here and there to get the correct width and heights..It's not very hard..
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Re: Alternative Fan Thermo Switch


Post by lcallison »

I tried the Saber Cycle replacement switch also. That's why I'm reading this thread again. The SC switch turns it on just fine, but doesn't turn the fan off early enough. Once it's on in the summer, it stays on. I'm going to be switching to the TS306 or a manual switch.
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