New to Forums?? A short intro

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us about your bike or just say hello. Members, say Hello and Welcome to our new members.

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New to Forums?? A short intro


Post by Whiskerfish »

About the Naked GoldWings Board

Now that you're a member of Naked GoldWings (NGW) you can participate in any of our forums and messages. And you have full access to all of our community features such as private messaging and your own personal mailbox. There are also some great time saving features to help you out. The system keeps track of your last visit and the icon in the left column will be highlighted in red when there are new messages in a forum. You can also use the "View posts since last visit" feature at the top-right of the Forum Index list. It will give you a list of threads with new comments. And you will be notified via email when there are new comments in threads you're watching or when you're sent a private message.

NOTE: Click the Highlighted Items below to go to that subject.

On the Forum Index main page, you will find a list of themed sections. For example, you could click on the Introduce Yourself Here section and then click on the New Topic button and share something about yourself with our membership. (See Starting a New Thread below.)

Another good place to get to know us is in the NGW Club House where you will find day-to-day chat. This area serves as a lounge for the members of our community to relax and get to know each other on a more personal basis. It's a place where we can all share a few laughs. Other sections such as GoldWing Tech Discussions and GoldWing Underground CustomiZing are more structured and we ask that you try to stay on topic in those areas.

We have kept the number of sections to a minimum in order to make navigating the board as simple as possible. NGW has a good, built-in search engine to make it easy to find specific threads about a subject. For example, if you search on the keyword carburetor, all threads from the past that contain that word will be returned as a list. The link to the Search tool is at the top of every page. Click here for more information about using our search feature.

  • NGW Board - Naked GoldWings Board, the Forum Index main page, a list of forums.
  • Forum - Collection of similar discussion within the Board. Kind of like a department in a business.
  • Thread - One subject or discussion within a forum. Like a meeting within a department.
  • Post - One person's entry into the discussion in a thread.
Navigating in a Forum

From the Forum Index main page, click one that interests you. When the forum opens, you will then see a list of discussion threads in the Topics column. Each thread has its own subject line that the author created to grab your attention. You can see how popular a thread is by looking at the number of replies posted. These posts are messages that other members have added to that thread. Threads that appear near the top of the page are the most active.

Here's an explanation of the column headings:
  • Topics - Subject or title of the threads. This should be used constructively when composing your own threads.
  • Replies - Number of responses posted in a thread. A higher number indicates more interesting or longer-lived discussions.
  • Author - Originator of the thread.
  • Views - Number of times the thread had been read.
  • Last Post - Date, time and author of the last comment/post.
Reading a Thread

From the Forum list, click on the thread (Topic) that interests you. The original post in the thread is at the top followed by replies from other members. You will see that each post has the member's ID in the left column. The date and time that the post was submitted is at the top of the message.

Replying to a Thread

When you're ready to join in on the discussion, just click the Post Reply button at the top-left or bottom-left of the thread. The "Post a Reply" page will come up and you can enter your comments. You don't need to concern yourself with the "Subject" box when replying to an existing thread. When you've finished your message, click the Submit button and your message will be posted. Don't worry if you make a typo or misspell something, you can always click the Edit button in your post and make corrections.

Starting a New Thread

Perhaps there's a thread that you would like to kick off? Maybe you have an interesting bit of news that you want to share? Or are you stuck on a maintenance problem? The first step to creating a new thread is to choose the forum where it belongs. For instance, your first thread should go in the Introduce Yourself Here forum. If you have a mechanical or maintenance question it should be created in the GoldWing Tech Discussions forum. Just read through the titles and descriptions on the Forum Index main page and take your best shot.

When you're inside the right forum, click the New Topic button at the top left above the current topics. The "Post a New Topic" page will come up on your screen.
  • Subject: This is the headline of your thread and will appear in the Topics list. In journalism they write the headline after the story is done.
  • Message Body: The content of your thread goes in the big white box. The buttons above are used to style your text and insert links and pictures. To the left are a sampling of smilies that you can insert by clicking on them. The link below the smilies will bring up more choices.
  • Preview: Click this button near the bottom of the screen to look through your post before committing. Scroll down to make changes in the message body.
  • Submit: This will post your message into the forum.
Testing and Learning

Down at the bottom of the Forum Index main page you will find a forum called Pit Stop. This is where you can practice inserting photos, trying new text effects or just learning. Our Moderators keep an eye on postings here and will assist and encourage you in any way they can.

You have already taken the first steps into the exciting world of the Naked GoldWings Forums. Have fun and we hope that you enjoy our unique and friendly community.

If you have any questions about the NGW community, please feel free to contact me or any of our staff of moderators and administrators. We are here to help you.

Thanks Roady for working this up ;) ;)

OH and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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Psst. oh and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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Re: New to Forums?? A short intro


Post by Anybox »

Hi folks.
I'm not that new to NGW . My name was Dustinthewind, however, I tried to log in one time and I guess I was deleted from the forum. Maybe I left it too long before entering a post. Don't know,but I'm not complaining. happy to be back as anybox.
I ride an 83 Interstate Have known it since new. it's a real nice machine. I will post some pictures when I take it out of wraps in the spring. Lots of snow up here in Saskatchewan Canada. tonight it is -30 c!!!!! Too cold to even think about changing the timing belts.
Best regards to everyone!
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Re: New to Forums?? A short intro


Post by sunnbobb »

Hi Anybox. Sorry i had to lock this thread. It was started by Whisker as an introduction to the board. Please repost your introduction by starting a new thread in the Introductions forum. We are glad to have you here.
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