Hello from Canada

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Hello from Canada


Post by Bytown Bandit »

Hello, and thank you for accepting me into the group. I'm looking forward to learning more about the 1977 GL1000 that I'm working on.

This bike belonged to a close friend who passed away a couple of years ago. He built the bike in 2001, 2002 and only put 5,000 miles on it. In 2003 it was taken off the road and stored in bins in his basement. Around 2015 he put some of it back together and put it in his living room.

I acquired the bike from his family, and I want to put it back together as a tribute to the former owner, and do a few upgrades along the way.

It has a single carb (Holley), Dyna S electronic ignition, Jardine pipes, Progressive Rear Shocks, and a Corbin Seat. A lot of the stock parts are gone so I want to continue with a resto-mod cafe style bike.

Back in 2001 the bike was totally stripped down and the frame painted and detailed. The bike is in amazing shape with the front forks rebuilt, aluminum parts polished,(I will be re-doing) and the motor freshened with new pistons, rings, and clutch in 2002, and more that I don't know about.

I'm looking at upgrading the wiring. (m-gadget?) Brakes (front) without changing the front forks. If I need to change the front end I will but I want to keep the spoked front wheel. As well I want to install LED lights and turn signals.

I will be looking for some advice on my plans, and where would I go to get GL1000 parts.

Pictures 1 taken in 06-15-2002
Picture 2 Taken in 08-23-2015
Picture 3 & 4 taken 04-11-2021

I'm sure you have some good advice...
A 05-07-2001 06-07-2002 Barry's Journal (15).jpg
A 05-07-2001 06-07-2002 Barry's Journal (15).jpg (161.65 KiB) Viewed 1548 times
D 08-23-2015 (2).jpg
D 08-23-2015 (2).jpg (156.46 KiB) Viewed 1548 times
03-27-2021 Back to Stradwick 1) (13).jpg
03-27-2021 Back to Stradwick 1) (13).jpg (151.1 KiB) Viewed 1548 times
04-11-2021 Cleaning & Rewiring (11).jpg
04-11-2021 Cleaning & Rewiring (11).jpg (188.6 KiB) Viewed 1548 times
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Track T 2411 »

Welcome from Wisconsin, USA. Looks beautiful! As far as upgrading the brakes, a relatively easy upgrade is going with later model two piston calipers and a matching master cylinder. The '82 Standard and Interstate (not Aspencade) calipers (with brackets) are basically a bolt- on. There are a few threads about the swap, and at least one list of other Honda models and years that used the same setup.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Rat »

Welcome to the 'Wingdom.
Always good to see another Canuck.
Lots of good info in ShopTalk too.

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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by 5speed »

welcome from the east coast. beautiful looking wing.
I too have one that belonged to a friend that passed away.
it's on my list to restomod.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by AZNGW Rider »

Welcome from the desert of Arizona.

Nice looking wing. I can't imagine what it must be like to have a bike that belonged to someone you were so close to. Might happen to me one day.

Good luck with the project.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Sandy »

Hello from Barrie Ontario.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by MikeNTexas »

Welcome from Texas. Nice looking bike. It deserves to be back on the road.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Rednaxs60 »

Welcome from the west coast rock of Canada. Enjoy your new ride. If it runs and is roadworthy, ride for the summer months, wiring projects are good fall/winter work items.
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Gowing »

Welcome, you sure got your hands on a good lookin wing.

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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Sidecar Bob »

Mr. Honda ('83 GL1100/Dnepr) summer How a motorcycle evolves thread
The Famous Eccles ('84 CX650EI/VeloUral) winter Never Ending Build (CX500forum)
Click: Colour schematics for all GL1000 & GL1100 and GL1200 standard models plus instructions on how to download the full size version
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Fred Camper »

Congratulations on the September 2023 BOTM. Great build story and excellent bike.
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Bytown Bandit
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Bytown Bandit »

Thank you for choosing my 77 GL1000 for September Bike of the Month, and for all the help I’ve received from members of this forum when I had questions.

The bike was built as a tribute to the former owner who tragically died of suicide in 2018. Since 2019 I have been organizing an annual ride to bring awareness to Mental Health, and raise money for the Royal Ottawa Hospital and Mental Health Foundation. I use the bike when I can, as it’s a symbol for the Mental Health challenges people face. (this year’s ride is on September 17, 2023)

Thank you again, I’m humbled, and it means so much to me.

John Armstrong
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by pidjones »

Over-all a well deserved recognition and a great honor to your friend's memories. Even better, it will be on the annual calendar - she's a calander girl!
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by LastMohawk »

first congratulations on the great bike and the BOTM.

A question, what you have for a front fender installed. I like it very much.

Greetings Harald
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Re: Hello from Canada


Post by Jonesz »

Very deserving bike. Congrats, looks gr8

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