Oh Man - Here We Go Again

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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by Track T 2411 »

The jets come out the bowl side, tapping from the bore side. I use a bamboo chop stick to tap them out; won't split, and softer than any metal punch.
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by pidjones »

Dr. Frankenstein wrote: Wed Jul 28, 2021 2:47 pm Under the top hat...? You mean the little rubber plug that looks like a top hat?

Okay, to be clear:
"tap it LIGHTLY from above..." do you mean from the bowl side, or the bore side?

The little conical one gets tapped from above through the bore side, where you can see it, and it comes out on the bowl side, yes...?

And the needle jet gets tapped from the bowl side, and comes out on the bore side, yes...?

And any advice for getting those pucks out? Soak them? IIRC, there's a way to blow air through one of the holes that pops the pucks out-carefully, of course...
I never said UNDER the top hat or mentioned a rubber plug (BTW, the rubber plugs should be replaced). The drift fits inside the top hat (the part the needle goes into) from the bore side. The top part of the 78 and 79 needle jet is sometimes referred to as the "top hat". The 78 and 79 system has a two-part emulsion tube and top hat where they are all one piece in the earlier.
The conical one gets pressed or tapped from the bore side, also.
Often a hole drilled and tapped shallow into the puck will permit a screw to pull it.
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by Dr. Frankenstein »

The good news is I stopped before moving on with deconstruction to Ask, so my 'ears' are still there; it's gummed up enough though that I know enough not to force anything that doesn't move when it should. OldFogey's post was very educational.

I like the bamboo idea; I think I've got one of those laying around somewhere; and thanks for clarifying the 'top hat' thing, I've never heard the needle jet referred to as that.
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by Kingpin06 »

I'm going to get some of that bamboo. That's brilliant! Never thought of that one. As far as getting things clean and moving. If they're that bad. I like to soak things in some B12 Chemtool. Never had that not work. A couple of days usually does the trick. Don't go too long though. That stuff will start in on the aluminum.
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by sparkyrasmus »

:popcornx2 :popcornx2 Following
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


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Edit: I just realized I replied to Sparky's signature, not a comment he made in this thread but I think you guys may enjoy the story so I'll leave it here

If everything is working right your GoldWing should accelerate quite well.

I used to be in a non-brand-specific club. When we left somewhere, it was our usual policy to leave as a group and go somewhere for coffee & tire kicking before we all headed off in separate directions. One time in '97 we were at something near my place so they asked me to lead the group to a local coffee shop. I was at the front left on Mr.H and Ice (the Road Captain) was on my right on his 6 month old Fat Boy.

Mr.H now has a GL1100 engine and a sidecar but at that time it was an '83 GoldWing with '79 engine (no sidecar) that I had put together a few months earlier from the wreck of my GL1000 sidecar machine (a car turned left across my path) and a GL1100 that had been left sitting in a hedge for 6 years. I had almost no money at the time so I did everything myself and bought as few parts as possible (I think the SS braided brake lines were the single most expensive item). All told, including buying my write off from the insurance company, buying the '83, all parts and even the title transfer I spent just under $1100.

Shortly after we left we stopped at a red light and when the light turned green I pulled away, accelerating normally to a bit over the speed limit and then looked over to grin at Ice, but he wasn't there. I looked in my mirrors and saw headlights way behind me so I slowed down and waited for the group to catch up, wondering if something was wrong. They caught up and, when we pulled into the coffee shop a minute or so later, Ice jumped off his Harley and started looking all over my 'Wing as if he was seeing something completely alien. "What have you got in there?" he asked.

"A '79 GL1000 engine."

"No, I mean what have you done to it? Crank? Cams? Carbs? "

"Its stock. As far as I know it's never been apart."

"Oh." he said. He was almost in tears as he told me about all of the work he'd had done to his Harley to improve its performance. He had spent as much having his engine "built" (Harleyspeak for taken apart and re-assembled the way the factory should have done in the first place) as I had spent on my whole bike, not to mention the hot cams, better carbs, aftermarket pipes and so on ad nauseam that he had invested in to make his bike pull away better.

And now he finds out that it can't keep up with a 14 year old Honda with an 18 year old, bone stock engine.

I didn't have the heart to tell him I had just pulled away normally and I wasn't really trying to leave him behind. Or that that combination of engine & final drive resulted in overall gearing more than one gear taller than stock so the acceleration of a stock 'Wing would be even better.
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Re: Oh Man - Here We Go Again


Post by bringenufgun »

Track T 2411 wrote: Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:18 pm The jets come out the bowl side, tapping from the bore side. I use a bamboo chop stick to tap them out; won't split, and softer than any metal punch.
i've used chopsticks for years to poke, tap, leverage, etc. for everything from motorcycles to firearms. sturdy, non marring and free. the perfect tool.
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