Bike WAS running perfect till sunday :/ ...running cold

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Re: Bike WAS running perfect till sunday :/ ...running cold


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pidjones wrote: Wed Sep 22, 2021 7:33 am It would be difficult if not impossible to start without a battery. You would at a minimum need to temporarily jumper the ballast resistor - tough to do if you haven't set up for that previously. And riding without the battery will be hard on the electrical system. Might just be a dead battery - they do die, you know. Then there is the "three yellow wires" connector that is marginally designed (although they did last 30-40 years), are not listed in the manual for service, and live in an area of moisture and battery acid fumes. If the problem is just the battery, NOW would be a good time to replace the connector. Many threads on doing this. I use high current RC helicopter connectors covered by shrink wrap. Some just solder the wires together (no polarity issues as it is AC) and shrink wrap.
There's always something to be learned. I performed a Google search for ' high current RC helicopter connectors ' and found this example on Amazon. If similar to the connectors you utilize, how are the wire leads secured into these terminals? Thanks tumb2 ... 71&sr=8-52

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Re: Bike WAS running perfect till sunday :/ ...running cold


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I solder them (some old, pretty high temp solder). The solder sockets are pretty deep. They don't seem to even get warm.
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Re: Bike WAS running perfect till sunday :/ ...running cold


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Mine still has the original connectors and it is fine. There is nothing wrong with the original type of connector if it is properly maintained and all that takes is unplugging and re-plugging it every few years to disturb the oxidation.
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