Thanks again Robin1731

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Thanks again Robin1731


Post by wingrider »

Robin1731 helped me out yet again with some carb parts. He is a true stand up guy. I appreciate him more than he knows! Thanks again! anim-cheers1
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Re: Thanks again Robin1731


Post by Whiskerfish »

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Re: Thanks again Robin1731


Post by Oldewing »

Yepper, one of the best.
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Re: Thanks again Robin1731


Post by ericheath »

His help with parts and such are minor in comparison to the wealth of knowledge he shares. Hope you’re young, Robin.
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Re: Thanks again Robin1731


Post by robin1731 »

ericheath wrote: Sat Dec 09, 2023 7:03 pm snip...... Hope you’re young, Robin.
Well, not too young. But not "real" old yet.

But thank you. And I do try to help when I can.
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