Fused wire mess

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Fused wire mess


Post by tory »


Works, but not sure why, and looks thin and schetchy.
I want to redo this and clean it up. Im not sure exactly why this is wired like it is. I'm confused why the fused wire to battery also bypasses the fuse and goes direct to battery?

Any advice on best way to correct this?
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by CYBORG »

not sure it does.
the two wires in the white connector may not go to the same battery post. I wuld trace them out
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by Track T 2411 »

Check out the wiring diagram link posted at the bottom of the ShopTalk page. You'll find what that group of wires is supposed to look like. There's a few pics from my '76, before and after in this thread... viewtopic.php?t=67088
I don't have a pic of the final hookup of the two loose ends, unfortunately...
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by LuckyEddie »

That is a fix to bypass the dogbone fuse that is only available from Honda. Now a fuse is available most anywhere. It is a common work around.

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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by Rednaxs60 »

Best way to fix this wiring issue is to install a new starter solenoid with the blade fuse, inexpensive off shore solenoid will work just fine, and connect the wires to it. If there are wires left over - may happen, find what theses wires are for. Here are two pics:
starter solenoid.JPG
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Starter Solenoid Wiring.jpg
Starter Solenoid Wiring.jpg (168.12 KiB) Viewed 127 times
Good luck
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by redglbx »

Ernest , great job !

Anyone have a good source for a board/connector to wire a full 12v to and then distribute to things like the headlight, coils, etc ? I currently have those just attached to the positive post & solenoid which is a terrible way to do things and would like to do a cleaner setup. I know I’ve seen several setups here by somebody but doing a search gave me nothing.
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by Whiskerfish »

Very nice action1 action1 action1 action1 action1
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Re: Fused wire mess


Post by Sidecar Bob »

The solenoids with the blade fuse are functionally the same as the ones with the open link (dogbone) fuse under a cover on the side as supplied with the GL1100, GL500, GL650 and probably most new Honda models from about 1980 until they changed to blade fuses.

There should be an internal connection between where the red wire and the red/white wire connect and the fuse is connected between that and the B terminal
Solenoid.jpg (30.27 KiB) Viewed 72 times
Note also that those solenoids come in 2 versions, as shown and with the B and M terminals reversed (I don't think 4 pole wiring connector is reversed).
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