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I recently bought a new compressor and one of the "accessories" that came with it was a blow gun that has threads inside it's nozzle so you can screw an inflating needle into it to inflate balls &c instead of messing around trying to get an air chuck to work on the needle.

With the needle screwed in, the blow gun has a very fine nozzle that is just about perfect for working on carbs.
Another use is to aid the removal of handlebar grips, get air under them and they slide right off. Edit by Fred Camper March 3, 2023

Mine is Campbell Hausfield brand, but I have seen them in other stores with other names on them.
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Post by FirstYearDeek »

In the US that same tip is available in the AutoZone blower kit. (along with a needle) I think the brand is Central Pneumatics.

The needle that came with mine had a hole in the end and two on the sides. I soldered the sides closed and BOY is that a strong jet out the end!

Haven't rebuilt the carbs yet, but I'll be using this little gem profusely!

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Post by JBz »

i just made a rear wheel seal retainer tool for a 1100. it might be the same as a 1000. i used a extra 1 1/16 inch 3/4 drive craftsman socket and weld 4 pieces of 1/4 inch rod on the sides of it. before i welded them i had to turn the ends down on my lathe to about .200 about 1/4 inch long. I still drill the factory stakes on the retainer . I sat the socket on the reatiner and put the rods along the edge and tacked them in place and then removed it and welded a little bit more. i would have indexed it and done it in my machine shop but id have to clean the machine shop up first. jb
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Post by sumblink »

on the topic of the rear seal retainer tool,motion pro sells it for around $15.
they refer to it as "XR SEAL/BEARING RETAINER TOOL".

it was costing me more to drive to borrow the tool than it was to just buy one. :lol:
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Post by hiddenone »

(My tip To tell which spark plug lead (if any) is dead (bad coil/points/ignitor/&c) without removing the plugs I use a neon bulb (the kind that used to be used in the pilot lights of electrical devices pretty universally before LEDs came along).)

I have always used a timing light. slip it over each wire and see if it is lights thus getting spark.

my tip: use a digital light thermometer to see if all cylinders are firing the same (if not the temp on the exhaust pipe will be cooler).
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Remove Jet Cap


Post by timbbuc2 »

I do not know if this is the correct way or if this the way everyone does it but this is the way I removed the caps that cover the jets on my GL 1200
Step 1 is to drill the cap with a Step down drill bit, this way you will only go to the first size of the bit
Step 2 is to tap the hole to a 4 mm, that was one size I had.
Step 3. Using a screw that fits the size tap you use , you can push the cap out without any damage what so ever to the jet.
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