New Topic Button Issue

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New Topic Button Issue


Post by Whiskerfish »

Just to make everyone aware,

We are experiencing a display issue with the "New Topic" and "Post Reply" buttons in certain Browsers. Everything seems to be fine in Firefox and IE, but in Chrome and Edge and possibly others the buttons size has reduced itself so it is not visible or extremely small.

This was initially identified about 4 days ago and we are Working on it.
They were also there in IE. In edge or chrome, they are there but are scaled down to 8x2px instead of 85x25px.
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by roncar »

May have it fixed. Anyone that had noticed this issue, please post here if it's fixed.

thanks, Ron
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by BlueThunder »

Displays fine in Chrome.
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by robin1731 »

Everything looks ok for me now. anim-cheers1
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by Brant »

Confirming looks ok in chrome.
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by KYpondman »

looks good again.
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Re: New Topic Button Issue


Post by calif wingnut »

You fixed it...thanks :<)
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