My first car out of HS

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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by rcmatt007 »

like wiskerfish, I did not own a car until I got married. My dad gave us his '65 Chevy bel aire. By the time I got it (77) you had to add a quart of oil at every gas tank refill.

However, I had owned two motorcycles by then.
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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by CaseyH »

Bottom picture my first car - 66 Dodge Charger - not it but the same car
383 Magnum - How an 18 year old didn't kill himself I don't know
Some one was looking out for me.
Then me with Hair and a brand new 73 240Z
This is now. A 72 I restored. It was so much fun I had to do it again almost 50 years later
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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by LastMohawk »


this was my first car... Mercedes-Benz 230/6 116hp and 6 cyl. - car is similiar with mine
was a good car for an 19 year old boy :-) the gilrs loved it.
and my second, the best car I've ever had.
a Mercreds-Benz 280C 6cyl and 160hp - car is similiar with mine
enough for the days back then
and good enough for 220 km/h (136 mph) on the German "Autobahn"
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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by twooldwings »

this thread reminds of my dad telling me about HIS first car ... if he were still alive he would be 102 so we are going back aways ... anyhow, him and a friend each chipped in and bought a car together (not at all unheard of back then) ... can't recall the make but we are likely talking ford ... the price ... $3.75.
the 75 cents was for the spare engine that was in the trunk.
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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by Rat »

1947 Chev coupe .... well used by its PO .... $75.00 .... but that’s back when it took $1.14 US to buy $1.00 Canadian ....

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Re: My first car out of HS


Post by ericheath »

61LandRover, four full pumps to get brakes. The places that thing would go!
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