Big thank you to Sidecar Bob. A++

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Big thank you to Sidecar Bob. A++


Post by 5speed »

funny story.
I check the mail today and there is a parcel there from Princess Auto (our version of HF).
It is something for soldering (should have been my first clue lol).
Scratching my head because I didn't remember ordering it and I know my wife or kids wouldn't attempt to buy me a tool not knowing if I already had one.
then I think..OMG..did I spend that much at PA this year they sent me a thank you gift?? :shock: :shock:
Still can't figure it out when I got home so just before I log in to my PA account I look at the return isn't my local PA's from Ontario...*click*..and the light comes on. :lol:
Not only did he package this well enough a mack truck could have drove over it with no damage..he included speed nuts to put the emblems back on. :-D
Thank you very much went above and beyond..
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Re: Big thank you to Sidecar Bob. A++


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Re: Big thank you to Sidecar Bob. A++


Post by Sidecar Bob »

I missed this the first time around but just found it in the Similar Topics list.

You're welcome.

Whenever we get something that comes in a box that might be suitable for shipping something it goes in the pile so I can find one close to the right size when I ship something.
Those push nuts came with the logos a customer provided when I worked in the speaker industry but we didn't use them. The maintenance guy kept some but the rest were supposed to be thrown out so I brought some home. I think I've found uses for a dozen or so in the last 30+ years....
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