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Parts list for this job courtesy of alwing17
Just in the middle of a head gasket replacement for a NGW newbie here in the Cleve. area.I thought I would help some out by listing the part#'s for all needed parts to do a complete head gasket job. I find it MUCH easier to give the part#s to your Honda dealer...Saves time for you as well as the counterperson,and saves trips to the dealer.

Qty Part# Desc.

2 12251-371-306 gasket,head
2 12328-371-000 gasket,cyl head cover
2 19429-371-306 gasket,water elbow
2 91308-371-003 o-ring,oil orifice(small)
2 91305-371-003 o-ring,oil orifice(large)
4 91301-MB6-003 o-ring,coolant tube
4 18291-386-306 gasket,exhaust
4 91301-371-005 o-ring,intake manifold
1 91256-096-651 seal,tach cable
1 12390-371-405 insulator,fuel pump housing
3 91209-371-003 seal,camshaft
8 12209-MB9-003 seal,valve guide

And timing belts,oil,and silicate-free coolant of your choice,as well as a thermostat if you so choose. The cam seals and valve guide seals are needed if you choose to lap your valves while the heads are off. If someone wants to throw these #'s onto Shoptalk,that would be cool as well.
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