BIKE OF THE MONTH, February 2024


Pedro’s 1988 Sidecar Rig

Naked Goldwings is a tribute to the Honda GoldWing motorcycle and their owners.
We are a Web based club primarily for GL1000, GL1100, and GL1200 enthusiasts, others are certainly welcome! Membership is free and the sharing of knowledge and information is encouraged. Our purpose is to enjoy these tremendous machines and share ideas, unique modifications and classic restorations. We have a philosophy that no matter how well something was originally engineered and manufactured, a dedicated owner who is willing to try, can improve upon the original design. “Outside the box” thinking is strongly encouraged and skilled craftsmanship is held in awe. If you have a problem with a 4-cylinder Wing or are looking for ideas to customize your ride, then this is the place for you! If you have Problems or questions regarding this web site please contact: NGW Webmaster
The first GoldWings were produced in 1975 and the last Naked rolled off the line in 1984. RIP