Looking for alternative switch and instrument ideas

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Looking for alternative switch and instrument ideas


Post by MikeNTexas »

I'm in the process of building a 1976 from a basket case. Not looking to keep it all original. Its just a project to keep me busy since I'm retired and don't like sitting around. I am down to wiring, installing handlebar switches and some kind of instrumentation. I am going to get rid of all of the diodes, resister, reserve lighting stuff and go with the basics. I''ve completely rewired several hotrods and classic cars over the years to that part doesn't scare me. I have also rebuilt 3 early wings and am familiar with the stock electrics. I'm just wanting to keep this simple and economical. I'll probably sell it after riding it a while to sort everything out so I don't want to get too upside down on it.

Are there any good aftermarket handlebar switches out there worth using? See lots of Chinese junk on ebay. Also have seen some digital instrument panels but not sure if they are programable to the GL1000 fuel and temp sending units or have sending units of their own.

I have a couple of extra shelters and am considering mounting switches and idiot lights in the center cover. I have one that is dented up some and wont mind drilling some holes in it. A Temp guage would be nice in the fuel guage hole since I dont have a working fuel guage and there is always the 'reserve will get me to a gas station' option.

I'd put stock parts on it If I could find good ones for a good price. All of the extra switches and instruments I have right now are not worth using. I do have two stock wiring harnesses both of which have some issues but I can use for terminals, plugs etc.

Here’s how it sits at the present.
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Re: Looking for alternative switch and instrument ideas


Post by pidjones »

I'm using a digital temp gauge (not very accurate, it seems) and volt meter (highly recommended with these old bikes!) From Chinabay sources. Just spun an adapter for the temp gauge sensor in the lathe.
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Re: Looking for alternative switch and instrument ideas


Post by Figor »

I’ve been eyeballing those Chinese ones on Amazon. Cheap enough. Just don’t know if I feel like the headache yet. My Speedo finally grenaded and I’m just riding by rpms at the moment. Would be nice to have some modern instruments. I don’t know if the quality is there though. A lot of mixed reviews. I’m not sure I believe half of those reviews anyway. Probably just some sales promoting.
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