The NGW Project Bike. Clutch renewal. Engine in frame.

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Post by Needle »

Aloha Octane,
I wanted to run this by you and the other master mechanics on this forum, before I reinstalled my engine in the frame and tried to run it and became greatly disappointed. Here is what I did, I took the clutch lifter plate out of my 83 GL1100 and removed the pin that was in the center of the bearing. Here is a photo of the pin sitting on a 75 GL1000 clutch assembly;


You can see that the GL1100 has a pin and the GL1000 has a cup in the center of the bearing. I replaced the pin with the cup and installed it in the 75 GL1000, as seen here;


I would also like to use the GL1100 cover assembly because of the easier clutch adjustment procedure. Here are the insides of the two covers (GL1100 on the left)


and it looks like both just apply pressure to the center of the bearing when the cable is pulled. So what do you think, the lifter plates look different, but don't they just hold the springs in place and provide a place for the bearing? Let me know what you think, I have a whole clutch that I bought on Ebay (in the first photo) but I think the GL1100 has a heavier bearing and I would rather use it. Maybe Frenchy will want to chime in on this too, seeing how he has swapped a lot of parts between the GL1000 and the GL1100. I want to try and get it all back together by this weekend, my club has a run on the 19th. Big Mahalos in advance my friend!

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Post by Frenchy »

To be honest, I don't see right off why it wouldn't work...... This might be a nice upgrade....
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Post by hmratbam »

If you can adapt the 1100 cover to the 1000,you can also adapt the 1200 cover which has a hydraulic clutch! Think about cable!
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Post by detdrbuzzard »

thanks octane, looks like bettyboop will need a new clutch put in her bike this winter or early spring and i will probally be the victom that installs it, good to know i don't have to remove the engine
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Post by CYBORG »

i think trying to use the 1200 hydrolic will not clear the cross brace on the frame behind the clutch. slave cyl. is the problem
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Post by roncar »

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Thank You!!!


Post by bryceliving »

You are awesome! About to tear into my clutch, i feel better about it now! I saw your Bike 2 years ago, and thats what made me buy my goldwing! Thank youi for everything!
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Post by articblue »

Awesome walk through on the clutch rebuild while it's in the frame...and it's causing me to think about checking my clutch out while I'm working on other parts of the bike.

Although doing this in my gravel driveway might just make me crazy...
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clutch replacement


Post by d4bell »

;) Thanx so much for all the information on a clutch job. Had done it once before but back in the early 80's. Couldn't remember whether it was right or left hand threads on the clutch hub nut. Great information and pictures.I am getting my 1976 Sulfur yellow gl1000 ready for the Rodedendron Festival ride next week end. thanx again d4bell76gl
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Post by MPTXGL1000 »

Thanks Octane. The article is priceless, feeling like I might could do a clutch myself after just reading quickly through the article.
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Re: The NGW Project Bike. Clutch renewal. Engine in frame.


Post by Roger »

Thank you for the very helpful tech support for the clutch change out. No doubt after reading this, you will see I will have the printed version of your post right next to me.

Here goes: I bought a "CHEAP" ride. It is a 1983 GL1100. I finally got it to run. Not bad for sitting for an eon or two. I hear a "thrashing" sound in and around the clutch area. When I say thrashing, it is the only word I can use to describe the noise. When I twist the throttle, the noise goes away. The engine idles smoothly and accelerates smoothly as well. It is just at an idle, it sounds like the clutches are loose (or similar)

Have you had any experiences with engines that had noises like this Thrashing sound like I a having with this motor? It has around 70,000 miles on the bike, it was a cheapie, but the challenge of making it work correctly is driving me to look deeper into the engine. I don't want to tear into something that may not be the cause of the problem.

Do you have any ideas or experiences you would like to pass on. I will probably (eventually) pull the engine and "reframe" it but don't want to start ripping it apart to install on the new frame and still have a problem...

So... Can ya help a guy out??


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Re: The NGW Project Bike. Clutch renewal. Engine in frame.


Post by Whiskerfish »

What you are describing is usually the primary chain. Have you been through the carbs and done a synch yet? The carbs if they are not in synch will cause an uneven idle and that results in a constant loading and unloading of the primary chain which results in the noise.

Also Octane is not around much so your questions would get a lot more attention in the Tech forum.
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