Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77

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Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by Erza »

Hi Gurus,

I’m making my GL1000 into a cafe racer and many components have already left the bike, now I really wanna get rid of the tach cable.

1. Can I just pull the old tach cable out of the engine? And then just cap the hole? Or what can I do?

2. I have installed a digital speedometer which works perfectly with showing gas, gear, speed, indicators, lights, I only need to know how to get the tachometer reading working as well. Some say to hook up a twisted wire around the ignition wire, some say connect it to points. I don’t wanna ruin the tachometer so can anyone please let me know how to run the cable that reads tachometer.
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Re: Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by ericheath »

You can just pull the tach cable. There is a seal. It will collect dirt and dust without a cap.

I would consult with the manufacturer or installation instructions on your tach signal. All the ones I've seen simply tap into one of the coil wires for its signal. Try and keep it away from the coils to avoid a false reference signal.
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Re: Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by desertrefugee »

Yup. Just cap it. No worries. It'll make a heckuva mess if you don't!

(And welcome!)
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Re: Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by robin1731 »

desertrefugee wrote:Yup. Just cap it. No worries. It'll make a heckuva mess if you don't!

(And welcome!)
If the seal is good you don't need to cap it. Just to keep dirt out of it.

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Re: Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by BurnsYoFace34 »

Did you manage to get the tach signal an giw did you I kinda wanna get a new digital setup aswell
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Re: Tach Cable Removal GL1000 -77


Post by Sidecar Bob »

Where the signal comes from depends on which instrument you are using. Both of mine have Danmoto instruments (sorry, NLA) and they need the tach trigger to be connected to the input of one of the coils (the GoldWing needed a resistor in series to stabilize the reading) but some are designed to trigger from a wire wrapped around one of the spark plug wires.

Step 1 should always be reading the instructions for the unit you have and step 2 (if step 1 doesn't tell you what you need to know) should be asking the manufacturer.
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