FS: Keys cut by Code

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FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by Keymaker »

Keys cut by code are only $5.50 each.(includes shipping)Click here to order.


Keys for vintage Goldwings cut by code (and numerous other Honda's that use the same key blanks) 5 number, 3 number, and A00-D99. I can also cut keys for aftermarket ignitions that use H00-H99 codes. (Most aftermarket ignitions do not have the code on the lock, only on an original key.)

**NOTE** If lock or key has been altered, the code may not work.
If you have a working key and no code, I MAY still be able to help.

PM or email me at codecutkeys@gmail.com .

Available blanks, subject to change based on availability.

For 5 number codes (75 and 76 only. Brass or nickel plated.)

for 3 number and A00-D99 (77+)

Here are a few locations of the key codes.

A 75 or 76 ignition lock code 77890.

A 75 or 76 helmet lock code 29087.


A 77-82? ignition lock code 117.


A 78 or 79 Shelter cover code 508.


A GL1100 trunk lock code 616.


A 82-83 GL1100 saddlebag code A31.


A GL1100 cover code 314.


A GL650I luggage lock code 813

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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by rtccp »

. Hello keymaster...I'm looking for keys for my early 80's gl1100 samsonite hard bag lock...the key code is 17087... Do you have any of these???.. Nick
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by frankroche »

Would an original key say DO9?
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by roncar »

D09 is a valid key code for 83 or newer bikes and many replacement locks (ie helmet.)
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by calif wingnut »

He was last active one year ago. Try sending him a message.

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Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:39 am
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by Easter »

I would like to order a pair of keys but the order link does not work.
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by Sagebrush »

Its a 10 year old thread.
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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by Rat »

Haven’t heard from Roncar in years …

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Re: FS: Keys cut by Code


Post by Whiskerfish »

Yea it seems Roncar aka the Keymaster is not around any longer. I will lock this thread until such time as he shows back up.
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