A Reminder Folks

Feel free to introduce yourself, tell us about your bike or just say hello. Members, say Hello and Welcome to our new members.

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A Reminder Folks


Post by Whiskerfish »

Trygve Fossan Founded NGW back in October of 04 and laid the groundwork for everything that has come since then. When he became ill he turned it over to RebelRouser in November of 06, and he in turn gave me the job in April 09.

So the guy at the top has changed but the purpose and intent of this Board has not.

Quite simply the purpose of this Board is to share knowledge, encourage the continued resurrections and use of these undervalued machines, and enjoy the camaraderie associated with a common interest.

I think we generally do extremely well sharing information and encouraging new and old Members alike with their projects. The area I see us falling short is with politeness and that is critical to the Camaraderie.

In keeping with that intent we have a FAQ and Forum Rules http://www.ngwclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=35370 that focus on Good Personal Behavior and Mutual Respect. The cornerstone of civility is politeness.

The Moderation team and I are tasked with walking a fine line between maintaining good order and over Moderating. Over Moderation can destroy a Board in short order and we are well aware of this. We discuss many posts in the background and will not interfere with a heavy hand unless we feel it is necessary. The Moderation Team is a VERY Diverse group to ensure we look at things from as many viewpoints as possible before taking action. The one thing we have in common is the best interest of this site. We believe in NGW, and are devoted to seeing it continue to be one of the BEST Motorcycles sites on the net.

It seems like every few months we go through a cycle of “Bad Manners” (for lack of a better term) and we all need a reminder about the rules of the site.
These are the last 4 lines in the Forum Rules from the link above:
Please respect each other above all else.

Use common sense and be courteous. Treat each other with respect and dignity and everyone will get along just fine. In other words, let's all play nice!

Please notice a common theme here about mutual respect

Please read our FAQ faq.php

I will say it again "The cornerstone of civility is politeness", we are here to encourage each other in our endeavors not to criticize or ridicule. Sometimes folks make a comment without realizing how it may come across.... so while they thought they were being clever, it can be perceived as hurtful or snide. A part of politeness is being able to say "I'm sorry, I did not intend it that way"

If you do not have anything nice to say and can not be supportive of others then don't say anything, or use your words and change the tone of your response. Keep it polite. Keep it respectful and have fun. And remember were all here to help one another and get help when we need it.
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and a whole garage full of possibilities!!

Psst. oh and by the way CHANGE YOUR BELTS!!!!
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Motowalt »

Good advice.

Thanks for all you guys do!

I appreciate it.

Since this site is generally for a more "mature" audience I haven't seen too many inappropriate posts...but it's good to know someone is watching out there. action1
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Anim8or Earl
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Anim8or Earl »

Good reminder Whiskerfish. Some flare-ups and disagreements are to be expected on forums, and it may be impossible to prevent it 100%. Human nature, cabin fever and a ton of other reasons.
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Fred Camper
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Fred Camper »

Thanks to the work of the Moderators, this is the the most productive and most enjoyable forum I have found. It would take a lot to get me to "move on".
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by KYpondman »

Thanks WF, for all you do!
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by ehadams »

This is an awesome site. Thanks to the work that everyone does.
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by vzuden »

All of your hard work is greatly appreciated
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Mike-C »

I agree with all of you. We have good group here, keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.
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Mike Coleman
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Dr. Dave
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Dr. Dave »

Thank you Whisker Fish
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by dl1000 »

I've never seen a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist' office.
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by RebelRouser »

dl1000 wrote:I've never seen a motorcycle parked in front of a psychiatrist' office.

I Have, The Psychiatrist Owns It... lol
If You Didn't Build It, Customize It, And/Or Modify It, Then It Truly Isn't Yours. Rebel Rouser
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by jdp »

My thanks to all you NGW members who work to keep this site up and going. My appreciation and respect for these vintage machines is a mutual attraction. Thank you for the knowledge and experiences you freely share.

Ride safe, Ride for fun and Ride long
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by abert51 »

For the good of the site = for the good of all the members. Wise words from our moderators from time to time keeps the site healthy and fun. Thank you for the guidance lest our enthusiasm get the better of us. You do the hard work so we all can get the benefits. Thank you,.. Big Al
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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by begeot0829 »

Well said my friend....very well said. This is a great site, run by great people. The kindness, knowledge and willingness for everyone to want to help one another out is inspiring. Thank you for all you do and all you stand for. We are glad to have found you all!
The Begeots
Dave & Terri

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Re: A Reminder Folks


Post by Halfnaked »

Thanks for all you do, Whiskerfish. We all do appreciate the work you do to keep this wonderful site going. action1 See you this summer in WV.

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