Centre stand removal and maintenance

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Centre stand removal and maintenance

Post #1 by Old Fogey » Thu Dec 20, 2007 2:52 pm

Sorry. this is a bit long but covers it all (I think!) From Discussions forum.
The centre stand is held onto the frame by a tube, swaged at one end, running through two side brackets with pinch bolts and the stand itself and secured by a washer and split pin at the other.
The tube is supposed to just push or knock out once pinch bolts and split pin are removed. If maintenance has been lax the stand can seize onto the pivot tube with corrosion.
Mine had obviously been like that before I bought it and someone had battered it out, damaging the bottom frame tube in the process.
If there is heavy corrosion down there check out the bottom frame tube, especially at the ends where it meets the side frame tubes, because it is a known weak spot for rust.
If it is corroded through and the stand is seized as well, trying to use the stand can twist the bottom tube and split it at each end as happened to mine.
Best way, if you can get at it, is to hacksaw through the stand tube each side of the stand. The tube is quite thin walled and should be relatively easy to cut through.
Or you'll just have to keep soaking it in release oil and maybe a bit of heat to break the rust.
Anyone reading this thread that wishes to keep centre stand in working order should do as I did.
With the stand off the bike drill it at the rear (so that you can get at it when the bike is on the stand) and fit a small grease nipple.(Zerk fitting?)
Then put a double blade in your hacksaw through the bore of the stand and put a shallow cut along the length of the stand in line with the drilling.
Make sure that the mounting ears are a close fit to the sides of the stand before nipping up the pinch bolts. ( I did think about using a felt washer each side to make it a little less messy ).
Future maintenance is just a couple of shots with the grease gun while moving the stand through its arc.
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Re: Centre stand removal and maintenance

Post #2 by Paul Narramore » Sun Feb 15, 2015 12:37 pm

I have just finished refurbishing my centre stand, The end of one of the legs had badly worn so my favourite welder made a lovely jon repairing it. I drilled two holes and tapped them with an M5 tap for a pair of grease nipples. The letal is a little thin here as I added a couple of tiny washers under the hex's of the grease nipple as the threads poked through and stopped the shaft passing through. The spring hooks on easily (before the shaft is drifted through) but the long hook of the spring must face to the left. Make a kook shape with your right index finger and you'll see what I mean. Back to front and the lip of the shaft catches on the spring.

Yes it all looks lovely and black, and well lubricated but I still cannot get it up onto the centre stand. This means I cannot get the newly painted silencer back on. This means I've got to 'phone a friend'. This means it won't get done today.....
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